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10 reasons to become a part of Adfinis

  • Our company DNA is based on the open source principle. If these ideals are important to you, you will find many like-minded people with us. Open source contributions are explicitly desired and promoted.
  • We are happy to invest in further training for our employees and take over trainings, conference visits and exams to help you with your job.
  • Whether full-time or part-time, in addition to a course of study or full-time - we offer you flexible working hours that take into account your living conditions.
  • Our modern offices are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport.
  • We work with a transparent pay and tier model and attach great importance to wage fairness.
  • Five weeks of leave, 40hours a week, two weeks of paternity leave, flexible solutions for unpaid leave and one-to-one compensation for overtime are standard for us.
  • We don't do body leasing. You have your fixed workplace with us where you spend most of your time. This, like a strong team cohesion with a lot of expertise, achieves that you can benefit from on a daily basis.
  • We have no open-plan offices and no clean desk concept. You are welcome to set up your workplace as you like.
  • The company is owner-managed and attaches importance to sustainability – this gives us a very high degree of flexibility, a lot of security and a maximum degree of independence.
  • We are proud that every year several trainees complete our apprenticeship – various awards confirm us in this regard.

We recruit ourselves

We recruit directly and without job brokers, so we generally only accept personal applications. Join offers us support in this respect, which is why we prefer an application via the platform.

However, we understand if you do not want to share your data with us via a third party provider, which is why we also offer you the option of sending us your complete application documents directly by e-mail to Thomas Köchli.

Nothing suitable?

We are always open to dedicated employees and look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.