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Our way and why we believe in open source.

Our way to Adfinis and beyond

In 2000, the two companies Adfinis GmbH and SyGroup GmbH were founded. With the merger of 2012 the two formed Adfinis SyGroup, we have established ourselves as a leading service provider in the open source environment beyond the Swiss borders. In 2020, the company was renamed to Adfinis AG and we expanded abroad.

Our team and our community

At our locations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, we employ a team of over a 100 employees, which is characterized by many years of experience, expertise and professionalism.

At Adfinis, the software developers work closely with the system engineers and the sales. This way, we cover a wide range of expertise and know how to combine the opportunities of innovation with the well-tried and tested of our work. In addition, we maintain intensive partnerships with leading providers, communities and manufacturers of open source technologies and solutions.

Together with our customers, we drive technology development

Thanks to our extensive network and broad expertise, we can respond to the individual needs and wishes of our customers in the shortest possible time and thus create the best possible IT environment for everyone. Proximity to the customer is a central concern. Together with you, we utilize the innovative potential of open source technologies. Tailor-made solutions and services indicate the direction of technology development and open up new opportunities for both our customers and us.

As a company, we shape a world of innovative, sustainable and resilient IT solutions built on trustworthy open source technology to unlock the full potential of our customers


F/OSS is the epicenter of innovation; we help our customers to make use of it so they gain an advantage over their competitors.


Open Source implies sustainability, and it's still the best way to get rid of vendor lock-in, enabling freedom of choice and independence.


Our SLA services are the best in their class, make F/OSS solutions more robust and resilient so our customers can focus on their core business.

Our values

Openness and transparency

Openness and transparency

At Adfinis, we are convinced that open source is the future of technology and we consistently rely on the innovative power of open and free software. In this context, "free" refers to the general meaning of freedom.

Sustainable solutions without vendor lock-in
Together with the community
Flexible,Sincere & Efficient
Digital sovereignty and sustainability