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The Vocational Training Center Baselland (BBZ BL), the largest provider of primary and continuing vocational training in the canton of Baselland, has been using Univention Corporate Clients (UCC) as its Linux Client solution for many years. The solution for all desktops was implemented to easily and quickly provide students with a platform to work and launch their virtual machines. However, when UCS version 5 was released and no longer supported this functionality, Stephan Müller, Lead IT Training Department, had to find another solution for the approximately 320 students and 30 faculties.


Adfinis, a partner of BBZ BL for many years, undertook the project to replace UCC with a new, automated, secure, and tailored Linux Client solution. For example, one of the requirements for the students was to have their directory (home) at login and a share mounted, and for teachers, to have a teacher share to be mounted in addition to the students' shares.


The school’s Linux Client follows cloud native principles (e.g., Infrastructure as Code) wherever possible. Furthermore, users had to be able to log in via LDAP (UCS LDAP), should not have admin rights, and local data had to be deleted after logout. Adfinis and the IT team of BBZ BL designed and prepared the entire solution during the school year, then proceeded with the migration during the summer vacation so that the students were never impacted.

Our old Linux Client was out of support and needed to be updated. Thanks to Adfinis’ expertise, we now have an automated and stable Linux. The second level support Adfinis provides is essential to guarantee our students always have the tools they need.

  • Stephan Müller, Lead IT Training Department, BBZ BL

Adfinis as a partner

Students and faculty have been working successfully with the BBZ BL Linux Client since the start of the 2022-2023 school year. The school's IT department provides first-level support, while more technical queries are escalated to Adfinis based on an agreed Service Level Agreement.

Building a custom Linux Client was a project that Stephan Müller and his team would not have done on their own. Yet, with the support of the Adfinis team of experts, it was a true success that passed the test of the demanding students, some of whom are studying Systems Engineering themselves.

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