Vault for Basler Kantonalbank, BKB

The Vault technology by HashiCorp offers the Basler Kantonalbank a Secrets Management solution, that is not only compliant with the banking sector but also a decisive step towards automation. 


The Basler Kantonalbank, BKB, faced the challenge of finding a Secrets Management software, that is centralized and compliant to the banking sector. 


Regarding the management of sensitive data, HashiCorp offers a solution named Vault. Vault is probably the most popular Secret Management solution and impresses with its APIs and enterprise capabilities as well as its connection to an HSM. 

Adfinis & BKB

On the lookout for a partner, Adfinis caught the attention of the BKB, and as the first and only HashiCorp Enterprise Partner in Switzerland with an office in Basel, the choice was an easy one. By means of a PoC and various workshops, Adfinis was able to set up a tailor-made solution for BKB, that also takes the existing Hardware Security Module (HSM) into account.  


The introduction of HashiCorp Vault Enterprise is a decisive step towards automating the infrastructure while at the same time meeting the security requirements. Thanks to HashiCorp Vault BKB is well equipped to face the demanding requirements of Finma, Swift and Co.


Heinrich Vogt, Project Manager Integration Layer BKB: "What convinced me about working with Adfinis was their professionalism, quick response time, open communication and strong customer orientation.”

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