Feature Sponsoring allows integration of ServiceNow into Zammad

20. July 2020

Last year, Adfinis compared different solutions to optimise their ticketing system. Out of this evaluation, Zammad emerged as the winner: A modern ticketing solution designed from scratch, which is very easy to handle, especially in the area of user interface. Furthermore, Zammad allows low configuration effort, a comprehensible documentation as well as expansion potential through the open API. And Zammad even won the “Best Open Source Project” Award at DINAcon in 2019.

During the evaluation we only missed one feature: A linkage between ServiceNow and Zammad. Due to the missing connection, comments on existing ServiceNow tickets were not integrated into the existing Zammad tickets, so this merge had to be done manually. The request to automate this merge was deposited at Zammad. Accordingly, a use case was developed to evaluate a possible connection of ServiceNow and Zammad. The evaluation of the use case showed that the implementation of the feature into the core product is best ensured if it is developed by Zammad itself. The joint efforts therefore covered not only the initial development but also the long-term maintenance of the feature.

Therefore Adfinis has decided to do a feature sponsoring of Zammad GmbH, in order to enable them to do an in-house development for the integration of ServiceNow into Zammad. On June 16th 2020, this new feature was released and all Zammad users can now benefit from it. For the community – by the community. 

The quality of the maintenance was already proven by fixing a release bug within only a few days. What a cooperation!