GitLab and Adfinis are now Partners and Promote DevOps Enablement

31. January 2021

After a long collaboration, the partnership between Adfinis and GitLab has now become official. The partnership was a logical fit, not only because Adfinis has always used GitLab as a DevOps platform, but also because the mentality of collaboration and open source connects both companies at their core.

GitLab is the modern solution that gives development teams all the tools they need to implement DevOps workflows from a single source. Whether on-premise, via SaaS or hybrid, GitLab can be deployed flexibly to meet also the most complex compliance requirements and data protection policies. From planning to managing code to pipelines for testing and deploying builds, Gitlab offers everything a developer’s heart desires. With Gitlab, organizations rely on a secure solution that helps teams get to their goals faster and ensures that sensitive code never leaves the IT environment throughout the lifecycle.

Why GitLab and Adfinis?

Many organizations are facing various challenges that come with increasing digitalization. They want to further automate their internal development processes, thereby minimizing their time to market and rely on open and transparent tools In order to better support customers with these requirements and at the same time help them to start the Cloud Native Journey with the right tools, GitLab and Adfinis will work even closer together in the future. This way, Adfinis’ years of know-how, 24/7 worldwide support, and expertise can be combined with the numerous possibilities of GitLab.

Nicolas Christener, CEO & CTO at Adfinis is looking forward to the joint-future: “We’re excited to work with GitLab and help our customers to speed up their DevOps journey with the best in class service and solution offering from Adfinis and GitLab.”

Adfinis has been using GitLab itself for years and is the ideal partner to support companies in planning, implementing, and operating GitLab in their IT organization.

“GitLab is committed to build a strategic relationship that will deliver value to Adfinis, GitLab and our joint customers” said Michelle Hodges, Vice President of Global Channels at GitLab.

Through GitLab’s new partner program, joint customers benefit from Adfinis’ certified expertise, resulting in faster response times and individual support.

About Adfinis

Our mission is to foster Open Source technology, deliver high-quality work, and run mission-critical systems around the clock so our customers can focus on their core business. By working with us, customers are liberated from vendor lock-in and are one step ahead of their competition.

Adfinis is a service provider based in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia supporting customers from the private and public sectors in planning, implementing and operating of custom infrastructure and software projects The core competencies of Adfinis are Open Source engineering, 24/7 managed services, and software development.

As a company, we shape a world of innovative, sustainable and resilient IT solutions built on trustworthy Open Source technology to unlock the full potential of our customers.