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Jazoon TechDays 2016

10. October 2016

Early last Friday morning, three scouts from the Adfinis SyGroup AG made their way to the Gurten – the famous local mountain of the city of Bern. They weren’t there to enjoy the lovely view, however. They came to sit behind closed curtains in dimly lit rooms, to witness the “Future of Web Development”: Jazoon TechDays 2016. Here is their report:

The Talks

The lectures were presented by big-name stars of the JavaScript world. We got to hear a lot of interesting info on the latest technologies, like the new Angular 2, the new RxJS 5, Ember and thoughts on the future of web technology.

As Ember developers, we were especially interested in the insight that Gerard Sans and Rob Wormald provided into Angular 2. To our surprise, these two frameworks turn out to have more in common than we expected. So we had no trouble following the impressive on-stage coding session lead by Rob Wormald.

The Ember lecture given by Mike North was familiar territory for us. When Mike asked who had used Ember before, only one other person raised his hand besides us… and it was a former Adfinis guy 😉 The lecture gave us a good look into the improved advantages of Ember in mobile and desktop development.

There was also a very interesting lecture by Ben Lesh concerning the way that synchronization issues in JavaScript can be handled more efficiently and neatly. This could be applied, for example, by Netflix to get their application to perform the way they want on different kinds of devices. We quickly realized that these weren’t the only areas where these approaches could be useful; even before the lecture was over, we were coming up with ways that we could apply them to our projects.

The programme included more than just lectures. There were also discussions, which we got to listen in on. It was especially interesting to hear, for example, how Ben Lesh and Mike North solve everyday problems in their much larger development teams. It turns out that they deal with the same kinds of problems that we do.


All in all, we feel fortunate to be a part of this pioneering development in web technology. And it’s great to see how the local community is growing and being active. We feel really validated in the field that we’re working in, and we’re excited to start implementing Ember and Co. even more and to expand our knowledge and make our contribution to further development.