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In an increasing number of large international companies, the Linux Client is now one of the most important tools of an IT employee. This assumes that the client functions optimally in a heterogeneous and dynamic environment. For this, strict framework conditions must be adhered to and a wide range of user needs must be taken into account. In close cooperation with the customer, Adinis has developed a globally usable Linux client and fully automated the associated processes



The customer's previous Linux client was incompletely integrated into the system landscape and was based on outdated software. Although the adaptation was problematic for other areas and locations, the client was increasingly used in new usage scenarios and environments. These shortcomings should now be addressed with the development of a new client. The new solution should provide easy adaptability and automate the entire process chain around the Linux client, from deployment to configuration management to automated testing.


The new client had to be integrated into existing processes and environments. Future-oriented flexibility, in terms of adaptability, scalability and the possibility to roll out the solution internationally, was a major requirement. The needs of a wide range of user groups had to be taken into account and the customer's business environment set strict rules and qualifications. In order to avoid future stumbling blocks during the development and use of the new client, the project required careful planning and comprehensive analysis in advance.


As an experienced specialist and integrator of open source projects, Adfinis was the ideal partner for the planning and implementation of the project. In close cooperation with the customer, a complete solution with a fully automated process chain was developed. In addition to the Linux client, this includes a scalable and globally applicable open source infrastructure as well as an innovative automated testing and patching process for continuous qualification. The open development also ensures the reusability of the individual components.


  • Increased efficiency thanks to automation from A to Z
  • Flexibility and sustainability
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Reusability of the individual components
  • Standardized and globally applicable complete solution

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