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Microsoft SQL on Linux

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Microsoft SQL on Linux

Microsoft SQL on Linux is a big advantage for us. At NTS, almost all applications now run on the standard Linux operating system, further consolidating and simplifying the management of the system landscape. Thanks to the open and competent support provided by Adfinis, the migration went absolutely smoothly.

Martin, Blumental, Software Engineer, NTS Workspace AG


In recent years, Microsoft has been pushing for platform independence. Examples include the online version of Office 365 or the free, open source software platform .NET Core. The latest achievement is Microsoft SQL on Linux. The detachment of Windows is a major advantage for IT service providers, as they can now make their offeringmore and broader. As First Movers, the experts from NTS and Adfinis have joined forces to benefit from the new flexibility.


Often IT applications are developed especially for the underlying operating systems and are therefore linked to them. So it was with NTS. While the default operating system is Linux, the Microsoft SQL Server database also had to operate and maintain a Windows instance. To unify the management and maintenance of all servers, the operating system and database should now be decoupled. Microsoft SQL should be platform-independent. In addition to Windows, Microsoft SQL should run on Linux and later on container platforms.


At the time, the Linux variant of the Microsoft SQL Server was still in the development phase. Together with other early adopters, a new knowledge base had to be built up. Other challenges were to configure common database-related processes, such as.B backup and monitoring, with the new solution. In order to ensure that the project did not affect the day-to-day work of NTS, all data and functions had to run smoothly and be available during the migration from Microsoft SQL to the Linux platform.


Due to the innovative project character, NTS brought the Linux experts of the Adfinis SyGroup on board. In close collaboration and with the support of Microsoft, the first data sets of a production environment have been successfully migrated to the new platform. The data feed application has been adjusted to synchronize data in both the old and new databases during the transition period. After a smooth migration, NTS has moved closer to the goal of consolidated management in a single standard operating system.


  • Reduced dependency on the operating system
  • Easy management thanks to compatibility with different OS
  • Pioneering Microsoft SQL on Container Platforms
  • Cost savings through a consolidated systemLandscape
  • More flexibility in offering design, as selection is not limited to Windows

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