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Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management with SUSE

04.03.2021 | 10:00-11:00 CET | Online

Nowadays Kubernetes can run anywhere. On a developer machine, on-premise, in a public cloud as well as on the edge. The common Kubernetes API makes it faster and easier to deploy workloads and manage network connectivity, storage, load balancing, security or service discovery.

This allows you to leverage the best of all worlds and combine on-premise, private and public clouds to a hybrid environment that distributes your workloads as efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, you quickly end up running not only one or two clusters, but dozens, or in edge and IOT scenarios even thousands or millions.

What we’ll talk about

In this talk we will show how Rancher can help you to successfully provision, manage and monitor these clusters, as well as the workloads running in them, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Our Speakers

Bastian is a Field Engineer at SUSE. There he focuses on Containers,
Kubernetes and especially Rancher, the leading solution to manage
Kubernetes clusters in multiple environments, on-premise,
in the cloud and at the edge.
Rob works as a DevOps Engineer at Adfinis and is a creative and curious
person that loves to share stuff. Open source fits him quite nicely; anybody can contribute,
everybody can learn which feels honest and fair. 

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