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Not just any course, but a Terraform course, designed just for you

You want to code your way into the future with Terraform. That’s great! But before you start you need to ask yourself: what are you using it for? What about other tools you need for mature Infrastructure as Code? And have you thought about the impact on your organization? The answers to these questions are key for the infrastructure of the future. Therefore, this interactive training by Adfinis will teach you so much more than just the syntax of Terraform.

The culture of Infrastructure as Code

Manage hundreds of machines all by yourself by looking at your machine as cattle, not as pets. We’ll show you how you can move away from managing machine by machine and code your way into the future with Terraform. Think like a developer, solve issues with code, scale up as you grow.

Testing and version management

Testing sounds like a luxury, but we’ll show you that when you start out with testing, you’ll think about your requirements first and build later. It’s a lot more satisfying - every green checkmark will tell you you’re on the right path. And we’ll show you how to keep track of your improvements using GIT.

Don’t just choose any cloud, choose all clouds

You want to interact with your own on-prem cloud or deploy services on different public clouds, or even use a hybrid approach?

No problem - just as you can observe different clouds in the sky, Terraform offers multiple providers to deploy against all major cloud platforms. We show you which providers you can use and how to deal with them in the most efficient way.

Go ahead and deploy to all clouds!

We’ll ensure that you not only learn everything about Terraform, but also everything you need to know about:

  • Building an ecosystem in which Terraform will flourish
  • Building an organization of developers
  • Building a foundation for a future-proof company

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Terraform Training Program

The Terraform training by Adfinis is always tailored to your specific needs. However, a few of topics will always be discussed, even though we’ll always look at these topics for your specific situation:


Coding your infrastructure with Terraform

First and foremost, we’ll teach you how to build, change and destroy your infrastructure with Terraform. There’s a demo, but we’ll do some hands-on developing ourselves to get a feel of it too.


How to design your tests

Testing is the only way to ensure you achieve the right goals at the end of the day. We’ll show you how you build a test culture and how you start out with writing tests instead of coding. Go for those green checkmarks!


Work with GIT version controlling

Terraform is never a stand-alone product. A prerequisite for maintaining a future-proof infrastructure as code is using GIT software to keep track of all the changes. We’ll show you how it works during this course.


Setting up an ecosystem around Terraform

During the course, we’ll teach you all about Terraform, but we’ll also discuss how certain functions and integrations would work within your IT landscape. This way we ensure it actually works for you.


Building a developers’ culture

Your employees lay the foundation for a future-proof infrastructure. We’ll discuss their developers’ status, how coding will help run their operation more efficiently and what the future entails for a code-centered company.

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