Winners of the LibreOffice Template Contest 2020

5. March 2021

It’s with great pleasure that the jury can announce the winners of the LibreOffice Template Contest 2020.

We got over 30 different template submissions and it wasn’t an easy task to narrow the list down to six winners. Thanks to the diverse jury team consisting out of a total of nine people from the community (5), the Document Foundation (2) and Adfinis (2) we came up with a balanced view regarding the three major evaluation criteria (creativity, usefulness and technical expertise) and are happy to announce the winners of this year’s contest!

  • Ahmad Bayhaqi, “Line Impression” template for Impress
  • David W. Snow, “DWS Novel” template for Writer
  • Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi, “ZamZam” template for Impress
  • Benjamin Peng, “Minimalist Resume” template for Writer
  • Ermind Alita, “Bumi Samudra” template for Impress
  • Sven Hielscher, “Style / Feature Preview and Boilerplate” template for Writer

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks again to everybody who contributed in this contest, we will raffle hoodies, shirts and backpacks among all participants!

We’re still checking with the awesome people from the Document Foundation how and if we can make the templates available to a broad audience. In order to get any template into the upstream LibreOffice installation package, a lot of work needs to be done (especially in terms of internationalization) – one other possibility is to use the LibreOffice Extension functionality and thanks to Heiko Tietze all the sumissions are now available through the extension directory (see at the bottom for the complete list).

Furthermore, we also discussed to blog a bit more about what users should consider regarding templates (e.g. don’t use direct formatting and instead use styles, or work with master slides, etc.). If you’d like to step in and help us with that: feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks again to all the awesome people who made this possible! I hope we can organize a follow-up contest later on this year and will communicate it on the usual channels.

The Adfinis team wishes the whole LibreOffice community all the best and says “THANK YOU!” for making this such a wonderful F/OSS project!

The sumitted templates (winner first, then no particular order):

Note: many templates need additional fonts to shine and look how the designer intended; the fonts are F/OSS and can be found on the usual place (GitHub, Sourceforge, Google Fonts, etc.) or using your prefered search engine. As most fonts are quite big nowadays (some are >1GB) we didn’t bundle them with the documents.

We kindly ask all contributors to register on the extension platform and ask the admin to take over the maintainership of his/her extension.