Let's Meet

HUG #8: GitLab setup w/ Terraform | LocalStack for testing Terraform

15.06.2022 | 17h30-20h00 | Zürich


17.30 – 17.40 | Entry, Apéro + Networking

17.40 – 17.45 | Welcome messages

17.45 – 18.30: GitLab inception | Robert de Bock | Adfinis
Setup a GitLab instance using GitLab, Terraform and Ansible

A demonstration on how to use GitLab CI, Terraform and Ansible to spin up a GitLab instance. You’ll see code example, we’ll have a bit of discussion on how to approach this deployment. You should see the strength of GitLab, Terraform and Ansible combined.

18.30 – 18.45: Apéro + Networking

18.45 – 19.30: Terraform AWS | Waldemar Hummer | LocalStack
Developing and testing Terraform AWS configurations offline

19.30 – 20.00: Apéro + Networking

Robert de Bock is a passionate, creative nerd working in infrastructure engineering. With an art-school background, and a focus on keeping it simple, Robert mostly works on “everything-as-code” and publishes a lot of code for others to use, contribute to or learn from.

Waldemar Hummer is co-founder and CTO of LocalStack, where he and his team are building the world-leading platform for local cloud development. Prior to founding LocalStack, Waldemar has held several lead engineering and management roles at startups and international corporations, including Atlassian, IBM, and Zurich Insurance.

This meetup will be held at the office of Adfinis in Zürich. Food and drinks are free. Thanks to Adfinis for their hospitality!

Difficulty of this meetup: ⚫⚫⚫◯◯