What digital sovereignty is and how to gain it

Digital sovereignty is having complete control over your data and infrastructure. If you want to run an independent, trusted, and compliant organization, you will most likely have to look at sovereign solutions. Although it may sound easy, in the world of clouds and cloud computing, it is less straightforward than you might think. Can you harness the power of current technology while having complete control over your most important assets such as intellectual property, e-mail, and contracts?

Why digital sovereignty is important

There are several reasons why digital sovereignty is vital for you. These are the three most important when companies are looking for complete control over their data and infrastructure:


To prevent dependence on any vendor

You must create autonomy if you want to move and develop independently of any vendor. Meaning that you stay in control of the accessibility and safety of your data at all times. If you don’t, you might be forced in a direction you do not wish to go or share your data with a third party that does not have your best interest at heart.


To prevent compliance issues

When discussing digital sovereignty, we have to get clear on our customers’ interests. You want to prevent personal data from children and adults who use your services from being shared with tech giants, hyperscalers, or even foreign governments. Without digital sovereignty, this is very hard - if not impossible.


To prevent foreign governments from compromising your data

With Schrems I and Schrems II, two lawsuits to uphold the commitment to not share data with the US,  the EU has set a precedent for data protection. However, this doesn't apply to you if you decide to place data outside Europe or into the hands of an entity that is US controlled. And even when you store data in Europe: can you also be sure that the data is processed inside the European space?

How you can gain complete control

You can have complete control over your data and infrastructure if you choose the right solutions and make the right decisions based on the goals you set for your project and data. Therefore, we suggest using open-source solutions on-premise or in a strictly regulated cloud. With these solutions, you not only have complete control over your data, but you also have complete autonomy in developing your infrastructure.

You’ll create a situation where you are:


Always in control

With digital sovereignty, you’ll be entirely in control of your data. You decide how strictly you want to share your data with the outside world.


Always compliant

Being compliant with GDPR or even more strict local compliance rules will no longer be an issue for you when you’re keeping your data and infrastructure safe and trusted. 


Always independent

You’ll determine how your infrastructure will be developed, what solutions will run where, and who can access what.

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