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Open Source - Our Key to Innovation and Sustainable Digitalization

As open source professionals, we offer a wide range of services and solutions from a single source. Open technologies and standards are our key to innovation. With our tailor-made offer, we have the optimal solution for every area in IT.

As a company, we shape a world of innovative, sustainable and resilient IT solutions build on trustworthy open source technology to unlock the full potential of our customers

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Current Offerings

Cloud Readiness-Check

Are you on your way into the cloud journey, but are not quite sure where to start? Adfinis offers you a quick Cloud Readiness-Check. We will analyze your status quo, locate your current stage within the cloud journey and develop an individual strategy for further actions.

Security of Sensitive Data: Talk to your experts

Managing secrets at scale is a challenge that is not just a technical detail, but needs attention from all levels of business. We offer a free consulting session about Secrets Management, Certificates PKI, Vault Architecture, in combination with OpenShift and Azure.

HashiCorp's Terraform Training

You want to code your way into the future with Terraform. That’s great! But before you start you need to ask yourself: what are you using it for? What about other tools you need for mature Infrastructure as Code? And have you thought about the impact on your organization? The answers to these questions are key for the infrastructure of the future. Therefore, this interactive training by Adfinis will teach you so much more than just the syntax of Terraform.

Our Partners

We maintain close partnerships with renowned developers and providers of open source technologies and products. Thanks to the diversity of our partnerships, we can respond specifically to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers and offer high-quality solutions.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Cloud Partners

Additional Partners