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Hypothekarbank Lenzburg

Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible

Like many other companies, HBL is currently struggling with the shortage of specialists in the field of cloud-native technologies and has therefore been on the lookout for a partner who can assist them with highly qualified personnel.

Basler Kantonalbank

HashiCorp Vault Cluster

I was impressed by the cooperation with Adfinis through their professionalism, fast response times, open communication and strong customer orientation.
Heinrich Vogt, Project Manager Integration Layer BKB

Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) was faced with the challenge of evaluating a solution for a central, and especially for the banking sector, secrets management software. Here you can find out which technology BKB chose and why the switch was a decisive step towards automation.

Red Hat

Multicloud Container Platform

The Premier Partnership with Red Hat underlines our excellent collaboration and enables us to collaborate in new ways. We are very pleased to be able to provide our customers with the comprehensive solution portfolio of Red Hat and together innovations and technical know-how at the highest level.
Nicolas Christener, CEO & CTO of Adfinis

Adfinis has a significant technology alliance with Red Hat as Red Hat Premier Business Partner. Using Red Hat's OpenShift platform, Adfinis develops IT solutions and cloud-based applications to help its customers modernize workloads using containers, develop an open and interoperable multicloud strategy as a foundation for digital transformation, and implement their data analysis, IoT, and robotics initiatives. There is a growing synergy between the two companies around the future of IT, the delivery of applications and the role of IoT and analytics. Adfinis adapts OpenShift with its own code and management tools to help customers innovate without having to worry about security, lock-in, future readiness, or a skills gap.

To benefit from our OpenShift experience, click here.


The online tool for building permit procedures based on open source software

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Adfinis, we have created CAMAC, a tool that meets a wide range of needs and is also fully owned by the public sector.
Paul Walker, Head of the Coordination Centre for Building Inputs, Kt. Uri

With the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, manual processes are being redesigned and automated in the public sector under the heading of e-government. The canton of Uri also benefits from this further development. In close cooperation with the Urner Office for Spatial Development, Adfinis has adapted the web-based platform CAMAC so that the entire process for building permits can be handled centrally and digitally.

OpenShift for leading provider of IT solutions

Implementation of the Multi-Master Database Solution MariaDB Galera Cluster on OpenShift


According to the motto: "More efficiency thanks to automation", IT is moving rapidly. With the aim of saving operating costs and improving service quality, IT processes and constructs are standardized. This requires that applications and databases must operate in a single infrastructure.

To make this possible, Adfinis SyGroup has designed and implemented an innovative solution: the fully automatic multi-master database "MariaDB Galera Cluster" on the container platform "OpenShift".

Linux Client for Healthcare Companies

Automated process chain around the international Linux client


In an increasing number of large international companies, the Linux client is now one of the most important tools of an IT employee. This assumes that the client functions optimally in a heterogeneous and dynamic environment. For this, strict framework conditions must be adhered to and a wide range of user needs must be taken into account. In close cooperation with the customer, Adfinis has developed a globally usable Linux client and fully automated the associated processes.

Microsoft SQL on Linux for NTS

More flexibility thanks to platform independence

Microsoft SQL on Linux is a big advantage for us. At NTS, almost all applications now run on the standard Linux operating system, further consolidating and simplifying the management of the system landscape. Thanks to the open and competent support provided by Adfinis, the migration went absolutely smoothly."
Martin Blumental, Software Engineer, NTS Workspace AG

In recent years, Microsoft has been pushing for platform independence. Examples include the online version of Office 365 or the free, open source software platform .NET Core. The latest achievement is Microsoft SQL on Linux. The detachment of Windows is a major benefit for IT service providers, as they can now make their offerings more flexible and broader. As first movers, the experts from NTS and Adfinis have come together to take advantage of the new flexibility.


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