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Containers, automation and infrastructure solutions with the red hat.

As a Premier Partner, we maintain a very close partnership with Red Hat at all levels. Together, we share the ambition to accelerate IT processes, reduce dependencies and promote innovation. While Red Hat delivers the tools, we provide engineering and operations expertise to implement a tailor-made solution together with your IT team.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux & SAP Workloads

Operate Linux & SAP workloads

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, which is certified by SAP and specifically tailored to SAP requirements, is the perfect platform for Linux applications in the enterprise environment.

Whether in the private or public cloud, on hardware or as a VM, together with your team we implement Linux server workloads on the Red Hat platform at enterprise level.

With our experience, not only the installation of a simple web server will succeed, but also the implementation of a highly available cluster solution or the development of the basis for the SAP workloads will work like a charm.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is known for its long support cycles, high stability, comprehensive quality assurance and is certified by various vendors for specific applications such as SAP workloads or as an OS for IBM mainframes.

RHEL Key Features

  • Secure and stable operating system with enterprise support
  • Live patching for the highest availability requirements
  • Very good SAP support
  • Sustainability thanks to up to 13 years of support

Operating System for all Requirements

Whether modern container workloads or monolithic application stacks - RHEL is the stable and reliable operating system that can be operated in the VM, in the cloud or on a mainframe.

Support and Stability

Support, very high quality standards and long support cycles are essential for the operation of critical IT services. Red Hat is one of the oldest enterprise Linux providers and ensures continuity and stability in your IT.

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Scaling with Containers

With Red Hat's Kubernets-based container solution, applications can be quickly deployed, easily scaled and efficiently updated and patched.

Container management solutions are an important component for the implementation of a DevOps mentality. Teams of developers can roll out applications according to the motto "code, build, test, run", eliminating internal dependencies and accelerating time-to-market.

Whether for private or public cloud deployments, Red Hat OpenShift is the perfect container platform for development teams looking for an enterprise-level Kubernetes environment.

With the experience we have gained from a variety of customer projects, we can help your team plan and implement Red Hat container management solutions, adapt processes, and implement the necessary pipelines to make "code, build, test, run" a reality in your organization.

Red Hat OpenShift was one of the world's first Kubernetes solutions with enterprise support and is today considered one of the most advanced and innovative container management products.

OpenShift Key Features

  • Kubernetes platform with integrated application stacks
  • Designed for both private and public cloud
  • Non-disruptive rollout/rollback
  • Expandable with middleware components like JBoss

Kubernetes with Extras

Red Hat has developed OpenShift, a Kubernetes platform that is compatible with a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Teams of developers can leverage a large ecosystem of solutions to quickly and efficiently develop applications and implement a highly efficient DevOps approach.

Non-disruptive rollout/rollback

With a container management solution, updates or patches can be rolled out without interruption and easily reversed in case of an error.


Red Hat Satellite

System Management and Orchestration

Protect, store, control, and rotate access to passwords, tokens, certificates, encryption keys and other sensitive data via a web interface, command line or REST API.

Together with your IT and security teams, our certified engineers help you plan, roll out, and operate HashiCorp Vault. Whether it is the connection of third-party solutions, automation via APIs or the integration of an HSM - with our experience, the implementation will be done more efficient and according to best practices..

Vault is probably the most popular Secret Management solution and stands out among other things by its APIs and enterprise possibilities such as the connection to an HSM.

Key Features of Red Hat Satellite

  • Automated deployment of new systems
  • Patch and update management
  • Security and compliance audit
  • Integrated config management

Accelerate IT Processes

Red Hat Satellite has been optimized to automate essential IT processes. Whether it's rolling out new systems, patching, or auditing vulnerabilities, Red Hat Satellite provides the tools to automate work that was previously done manually.

Security and Compliance

Red Hat Satellite can really show its strengths in areas with increased security and compliance requirements. Efficient reporting on the patch status of all systems or compliance rules such as NIST requirements - all this and much more makes Red Hat Satellite an essential tool in such environments.

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

With Automation for Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is one of the most popular solutions for automating recurring IT processes in a human-readable and auditable form to accelerate your business.

Thanks to its agentless architecture, Ansible is easy to integrate into IT environments and can be deployed quickly and easily.

Since the individual process steps are defined in a human-readable format, IT professionals learn very quickly how to use Ansible and can concentrate on the actual work instead of spending long and tedious hours developing specific domain knowledge.

With years of experience in using Ansible to automate manual IT processes and our extensive best practice knowledge, we are the perfect partner to work with your team to develop and implement a complete Ansible adoption strategy.

Ansible is one of the most popular tools in the area of config management and IT automation. Platform independence, low complexity and operating system independence are some of the key advantages of this solution.

Thanks to the role-based authorization system and the audit functionality, Ansible Tower can also show its strengths in an enterprise environment.

Red Hat Ansible Automation

  • No agent installation required
  • Simple, Human-Readable and Auditable
  • Fewer errors
  • More efficiency
  • Role-based permission system

Simple, human-readable and auditable

Ansible is very simple to implement because it avoids complexity in many places and can be learned quickly. The human-readable format and the clear structure of the implemented processes also ensure ease of traceability and auditability. The human-readable format and the clear structure of the implemented process steps also achieve easy traceability and audibility.

Acceleration and error reduction

With Ansible, you can significantly lower the barrier to the automation of IT processes, enabling even people without special domain knowledge to automate complex processes quickly and easily. This accelerates your business while reducing error-prone and manual workflows. This speeds up your business while reducing error-prone and manual workflows.


Red Hat Ceph Storage

Scalable Storage Solution Without Vendor Lock-In

Gone are the days when you could only buy disks, controllers and cables from one vendor; with the Ceph-based storage solution from Red Hat, you free yourself from vendor lock-in while getting an enterprise solution that supports block, object and file system storage

Because Red Hat's Enterprise Storage can be implemented on standard hardware, vendor dependencies are reduced and sustainable and investment-proof solutions are created.

With a highly redundant base built on Ceph, you can also eliminate single point-of-failure and maximize application availability.

We work with your IT teams to design and implement solutions based on Red Hat Ceph Storage. Be it as a component of a container platform or for the storage of archive data, whether for private or public cloud - we are happy to support you in all aspects of this technology.

As a Ceph-based solution, Red Hat Ceph Storage belongs to the family of Software Defined Storage offerings that have established themselves as an alternative to proprietary vendors and deliver new levels of automation and vendor independence

Red Hat Ceph Storage

  • Reduce vendor lock-in by using standard hardware
  • Supports object, block, and file system storage
  • Based on Ceph
  • Support for iSCSI, NFS CIFS/SMB, and S3

Flexibility and Independence

Red Hat Ceph Storage builds on the open source project Ceph and makes it possible to implement an enterprise-level storage solution with standard hardware. This allows you to choose hardware and flexibly expand your environment and adapt it to your needs.

Compatible and Suitable for Automation

With a variety of supported standards such as iSCSI, NFS CIFS/SMB, and S3, Red Hat Ceph Storage is a solution that fits virtually any IT environment. The open interfaces make it easy to automate and accelerate processes such as creating a new storage export or enlarging a volume.