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As a Diamond Partner, we maintain a very close partnership with SUSE at all levels and have broad experience across the SUSE stack. From the mission-critical SAP infrastructure to the modern Kubernetes platform - we support you from with planning, implementation and 24/7 operation.


SUSE Linux Enterprise & SAP Workloads

Operate Linux & SAP workloads

SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, which is certified by SAP and specifically adapted to SAP requirements, are the ideal platform to run Linux applications in the enterprise environment.

Whether in the private or public cloud, on hardware or as a VM, together with your team, we implement Linux server workloads on the SUSE platform.

With our experience, not only the installation of a simple web server will succeed, but also the implementation of a highly available cluster solution or the development of the basis for the SAP workloads will work like a charm.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is known for its long support cycles, high stability, comprehensive quality assurance and is certified by various vendors for specific applications, such as SAP workloads or as an OS for IBM mainframes

SLE Key Features

  • Secure and stable operating system with enterprise support
  • Live patching for the highest availability requirements
  • Very good SAP support
  • Sustainability thanks to up to 13 years of support

Operating System for all Requirements

Whether modern container workloads or monolithic application stacks , SLE is the stable and reliable operating system that can be operated in the VM, in the cloud or on a mainframe.

Support and Stability

Support, very high quality standards and long support cycles are essential for the operation of critical IT services. SUSE is one of the oldest enterprise Linux providers and ensures continuity and stability in your IT.

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Rancher Prime

Scaling with Containers

With SUSE's Kubernetes-based container solutions, applications can be deployed quickly, easily scaled, and efficiently updated and patched.

Container management solutions are an important technical component for the implementation of a DevOps mentality. Development teams can roll out applications according to the motto "code, build, test, run", eliminating internal dependencies and accelerating time-to-market.

Whether for private or public cloud use, Rancher is the ideal container platform for development teams looking for a Kubernetes enterprise-level environment.

For higher-end PaaS requirements, SUSE has Rancher on offer, which makes developing cloud native applications easier than ever.

With our experience,which we As a pioneer in building Rancher environments, we can help your team plan and implement SUSE Container Management solutions, as well as adapt the processes and implement the necessary pipelines to successfully establish "code, build, test, run" in your organisation.

Rancher is considered one of the most modern and innovative container management solutions today.

Rancher Key Features

  • Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry from a single vendor
  • Designed for both private and public cloud
  • Certified for SAP workloads
  • Non-disruptive rollout/rollback

Kubernetes Combined with Cloud Foundry

With its solution, SUSE offers a PaaS platform that enables a highly efficient DevOps approach with the flexibility of Kubernetes and the abstraction of Cloud foundry. Why choose one when you can have both?

Non-disruptive rollout/rollback

With a container management solution, updates or patches can be rolled out without interruption and easily reversed in case of an error.


SUSE Manager

System Management and Orchestration

SUSE Manager is the tool to manage Linux systems across a wide range of hardware architectures, hypervisors, container, IoT and cloud platforms.

This intuitive tool helps your IT teams roll out new installations, apply configurations and deploy patches. Different release stages can be implemented, deviations from security policies are immediately visible and even scenarios with complete decoupling from the Internet can be implemented. In short, SUSE Manager lets you manage your IT environment securely and efficiently.

With the experience gained from many customer projects, we support your team in planning and implementing SUSE Manager and ensure that all processes are mapped in the shortest possible time. In doing so, we ensure that the solution makes a lasting contribution to simplifying your IT.

SUSE Manager is the perfect tool for IT teams to keep the server landscape under control at all times and to roll out patches and updates quickly and easily. With support for other Linux distributions and an integrated config management solution, SUSE Manager is an excellent choice for mixed environments.

SUSE Manager Key Features

  • Automated deployment of new systems
  • Patch and update management
  • Security and compliance audit
  • Integrated config management

Accelerate IT Processes

SUSE Manager is optimized to automate essential IT processes. Whether it's rolling out new systems, patching, or auditing vulnerabilities, SUSE Manager provides all the tools you need to automate work that was previously done manually.

Security and Compliance

In areas with increased security and/or compliance requirements, SUSE Manager can play to its strengths. Efficient reporting on the patch status of all systems, or on compliance rules such as NIST requirements, all this and much more makes SUSE Manager an essential tool in such environments.