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Adfinis Enters Into Partnership With Isovalent

15. September 2022

Gil Oliveira (CCO Adfinis) and Thomas Graf (CTO & Co-Founder Isovalent)

As of September 2022, Adfinis extends its Cloud Native portfolio with Isovalent to solve a wide range of challenges commonly faced when running mission critical Kubernetes platforms.

With Isovalent, Adfinis is expanding its partner portfolio in the area of eBPF-powered Cloud Native networking solutions. Using Isovalent Cilium Enterprise, customers receive the best-in-class CNI solution, providing security, observability, scalability, and superior performance. 

Enterprises are rapidly adopting Cloud Native methodologies and technologies to support development teams in speeding up the rollout of business applications, effectively lowering their time to market. Moving into the Cloud Native space often also means adopting and running Kubernetes, which brings new challenges such as network, security and compliance requirements, especially when operating mission critical workloads in a Zero Trust environment.

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise addresses the complex workflows related to security automation, forensics, compliance, role-based access control, and integration with legacy infrastructure that arise as platform teams engage with application and security teams within an enterprise organization.

“With Adfinis we grow our partner landscape in DACH, BENELUX and APAC and look forward to jointly delivering high quality engineering projects and 24/7 services to ensure business continuity in mission critical environments.”

– Philipp Meier, Global Head of Partner Ecosystem, Isovalent

Adfinis has been pursuing the mission of providing holistic Cloud Native solutions for their customers for many years and welcomes Cilium Enterprise as an important addition to the Cloud Native and Security Journey portfolio.

“We always keep our eyes open for solutions that fit into our portfolio. Cilium Enterprise perfectly matches our needs to provide the missing networking, visibility and security capabilities for our Kubernetes customers. The solution coupled together with the right people and mindset is a great fit for our portfolio.” 

– Gil Oliveira, CCO Adfinis

As with all our partners, Isovalent and their solution Cilium Enterprise will be integrated into the Adfinis journeys, covering not only subscription business, but also professional services and expertise around planning, building and running the solution.