Rapid advancement: Adfinis is the first GitLab Select Partner in Switzerland

18. May 2021

 Adfinis has been able to hold its own in the market and has shown over the last few months that an even closer collaboration promises a prosperous future for all parties.

GitLab is the modern solution that gives development teams all the tools they need to implement DevSecOps workflows in one place. Whether on-premise, via SaaS or hybrid – GitLab is the flexible solution that helps teams achieve their goals faster. The integrated security and quality scans do not only provide the necessary analyses in downstream processes, but are an integral part of the work steps. From planning, to code management, to CI/CD pipelines for testing and deploying builds, Gitlab brings everything a developer’s heart desires. With Gitlab, organizations rely on a secure, modern and intuitive solution that accelerates time-to-market and strengthens quality and security management.

How customers benefit from the new Select Partnership

With the Select Partnership, Adfinis has direct access to GitLab Engineers, allowing them to address customer concerns specifically and drastically reduce wait times. In addition, GitLab Subscriptions can now be obtained through Adfinis. Adfinis and GitLab customers benefit from increased speed on two levels: technical and administrative.

Why GitLab and Adfinis?

Many organizations are facing various challenges that come along with the increasing digitalization. They want to automate their internal development processes, thereby minimizing their time to market and rely on open and transparent tools. The broad partner network of Adfinis enables them to address these challenges in a targeted and individual way with their customers. For example, GitLab excels in the areas of DevOps and DevSecOps, especially in conjunction with HashiCorp, SUSE, and Red Hat technologies, which allows Adfinis to truly thrive as a breeding ground for innovation.

Michael Moser, CCO at Adfinis, knows what customers want “In the last few months we have already seen a lot of growth around DevSecOps. Together with GitLab, we offer our customers the all-round service: from planning to implementation, and all the way to operation.”

Adfinis has been using GitLab itself for years and is the ideal partner to help companies plan, implement and operate GitLab in their IT organization.

“With Adfinis, we have a partner that fits like a glove. Both the technical orientation and the vision of Adfinis are made for GitLab. Thanks to Adfinis’ ingenuity and 24/7 support, we’ve built a foundation that enables our customers to innovate at all levels.” Ilaria Pazienza, Channel Sales Manager DACH, GitLab

About Adfinis

Our mission is to foster Open Source technology, deliver high-quality work, and run mission-critical systems around the clock so our customers can focus on their core business. By working with us, customers are liberated from vendor lock-in and are one step ahead of their competition.

Adfinis is a service provider based in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia supporting customers from the private and public sectors in planning, implementing and operating of custom infrastructure and software projects The core competencies of Adfinis are Open Source engineering, 24/7 managed services, and software development.

As a company, we shape a world of innovative, sustainable and resilient IT solutions built on trustworthy Open Source technology to unlock the full potential of our customers.

For more information about Adfinis, visit www.adfinis.com