Container Solution for CONCORDIA

As one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland, CONCORDIA is gearing its computing platforms to future requirements. For this reason, CONCORDIA dealt with the question of how a container platform could be integrated into its existing IT infrastructure. 


CONCORDIA is one of the largest health insurances in Switzerland. Founded in 1913, CONCORDIA looks back on a long tradition with over 630,000 policyholders and 190 agencies and branch offices. With the latest technologies, CONCORDIA focuses on data security and efficiency.

Situation & Goal

CONCORDIA is in the process of aligning its computing platforms to future requirements. This requires not only a solid foundation, but also a flexible tool. For this reason, CONCORDIA looked at how a container platform could be integrated into its existing IT infrastructure. Since CONCORDIA is in possession of sensitive data of its policyholders, data protection in particular had to be taken into account. The goal was to develop a detailed concept based on a PoC, in which, due to the involvement of all stakeholders, a transfer of knowledge could already take place during the architecture design.


CONCORDIA was looking for a reliable and experienced partner to accompany them on their journey. Since Adfinis has specific knowledge about container platforms with customized configurations, we were able to support CONCORDIA in the evaluation as well as in the implementation and operation. Together, specific requirements were defined that ensured data protection and operational quality of Kubernetes into the existing IT environment.

Solution & Benefits

In this case, the requirements are met by the standard software for health and accident insurers Adcubum Syrius. The cloud capability of Adcubum Syrius and the container-based deployment enable operation on an Open Shift environment. With Red Hat OpenShift, CONCORDIA ensures end-to-end support via the integrator Adfinis to the manufacturer Red Hat, which guarantees a high level of security and integration.


Tim Burkhard Team Leader System Engineering and Database

"We appreciate the collaboration on eye level as well as the comprehensive support from start to finish. We benefited from their experience and know-how, which enabled us to carry out the project reliably and according to plan."


  • OpenShift
  • Ansible
  • Adfinis Managed Service (SLA)

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