Maximize the Value of GitLab with a Free Health Check

Adfinis Health Check for GitLab Self-Managed

GitLab-certified engineers assess your existing self-managed GitLab platform, benchmarking it against GitLab’s best practices and production guidelines and reviewing your deployment and operational methodologies.

How it Works

  • A discovery call will be scheduled to discuss some aspects of your GitLab setup
  • We will send you a questionnaire to gather information about your GitLab setup
  • We will analyse the gathered information and document our recommendations in a report
  • A delivery and Q&A call is scheduled where we go over our findings and recommendations
  • After the call, you will receive a report with all the recommendations and takeaways

What it Covers

  • GitLab Architecture and Design for Self-Managed Instances
  • Security configuration in GitLab
  • GitLab Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability
  • GitLab Runners setup for GitLab CI/CD

Do you have any questions about the Free GitLab health check?

If you have any questions or need other support, please contact us!