Experience peace of mind with Managed Services by Adfinis

Your IT-team is too valuable for you to let them spend their time on operating and managing your infrastructure. You’d rather let them focus on innovation, automation and adding value to the business. What to do? With Managed Services by Adfinis, you’ll free up their time, while also being assured that your IT is running smoothly and safely, every day, around the clock. These services are hands-on: we’ll dive right into the infrastructure you have, public cloud, your own datacenter or anywhere else. And it’s flexible, dividing responsibility according to your wishes and requirements. 

Why let your infrastructure be managed?

You’ve managed your infrastructure mainly by yourself up to this point, but you’re probably looking to:

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Fill the Gap in Your IT-Team, Anytime

Often, companies want to assign their own IT-team to things that add value to the company, such as innovation and automation. Of course, someone still has to focus on managing your infrastructure, and that’s where we come in. We fill the gap in your IT-team by taking over the maintenance and management of your infrastructure, up to 24x7.

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Speed up your time to market

Now you can finally assign your IT-team to developing innovations. Even if you were already dedicating your time to innovation, you’ll see that once you let someone else manage your servers and infrastructure, you’ll speed up your time to market, adding value to your customers and the company quicker and more often.


Experience peace of mind

The bottom line is that Managed Services provide peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if an employee gets ill, or you’re temporarily running low on staff, we’ll ensure that patches are installed, vulnerabilities are solved, updates are run or incidents are taken care of, or whatever we’ve agreed.

Why Adfinis?

What makes Adfinis the partner for you? Well, if you’re looking for someone to takeover maintenance and management, you’ll need:

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Tailored Partnership

No matter the level of maturity of your organization, be it highly developed or in the initial stages, we are committed to engaging with you at your current stage. Our collaborative approach is centered on designing a personalized path that aligns with your specific requirements and aspirations

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A hands-on partner

You don’t just want a partner when everything is looking good. You’ll want a partner to support you when things are starting to get rough. We are the hands-on partner that can take over issues, plan updates and escalate to the vendor, depending on our partnership and responsibilities. Regardless, we’ll be there.


Flexibility in responsibility

Not everyone will be handing over everything to us. Some rather have us as back-up, some rather have us take over the entire management of operations. Also, we have maximum flexibility on defining what bits we manage and what remains for the responsibility of the customer. We can even start small and expand later, and vice versa. We’ll make it work.

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