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Stay agile with SUSE Manager with Adfinis Professional Services

Manage the entire lifecycle of your servers in less time, with less effort, and for the long run with SUSE Manager. We’ll help you to implement, migrate and integrate.

Simplify your workflow, and save time with SUSE Manager

If you have more than a handful of servers to look after or you’re making changes to your servers regularly, you can’t do without systems management, and SUSE Manager does exactly that. Not using SUSE operating systems? Not a problem. This solution is agnostic, just as we are an agnostic service provider. As Adfinis we can help you land your entire ecosystem in SUSE Manager for easy provisioning, managing, and updating. Stay agile, choose Adfinis Professional Services.


SUSE Manager success story

Viollier, Switzerland's top healthcare laboratory faced a growing virtual machine management challenge. They teamed up with Adfinis to implement SUSE Manager, reducing patch application time by 84% and bolstering system security.

Why Adfinis is the partner you are looking for


You want an agnostic partner

Chances are that you not only have SUSE systems running, but you want to unlock all the ease and flexibility that SUSE Manager has to offer. Since we are agnostic too, we can help you, regardless of how your ecosystem is built up.

SUSE Expert

You want a partner who is a SUSE Manager expert

In addition to our agnostic nature, we’re experts on SUSE and SUSE Manager. We’ve been working with the company for over ten years, achieved the highest partner level, and therefore, lots of experience with SUSE’s solutions.


You want a partner who shows you the ropes

Adfinis is not a solution provider who leaves once the solution is implemented. We’ll teach you everything we know, so you’ll know exactly how SUSE Manager works and how you can adjust it to your every need.

SUSE Manager resources

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Leverage your Linux choices:
Embrace Linux diversity with SUSE

Why choose SUSE Manager?

SUSE Manager helps organizations that have more than a few servers or do changes on their servers frequently to work more efficiently in the long term. That means less time and less manual work to provision, manage and update. Subsequently, your team can spend more time on innovation and core business. Also, since SUSE Manager supports more servers than just SUSE OS, you’ll need fewer specialists to keep your entire ecosystem running. The solution can support you in: Runtime Security

  • Configuration management
  • Asset management
  • Provisioning
  • Operations and scaling
  • Compliance & change management
  • Update & patch management

We can help you set these things up.

Services we offer

To offer you the right services, we need to know your specific challenges and wishes. But we can help you with:

SUSE_Rancher talk to us Adfinis

Check-in: talk to us

Since every ecosystem is built up differently, we’ll start with an open conversation about your servers, their operating systems and how you manage your ecosystem today. We’ll decide together how SUSE Manager is best utilized and how we can support you in your journey.


Plan: strategic planning

Techie to techie, we’ll dive deeper into your ecosystem to assess what needs to be supported by SUSE Manager, what needs to be migrated and what needs to be integrated. We’ll do a health check on your ecosystem and help you determine which strategic decisions are necessary for an optimized ecosystem.

SUSE Rancher Vertical Prototype Adfinis

Build: vertical prototype

From the drawing board, we’ll set up a prototype so you can experience how SUSE Manager works, and how it integrates seamlessly with your entire ecosystem. We’ll also demonstrate the product and share everything we know about SUSE Manager and how you can easily manage all your servers.


Build: building and getting it ready for use

Based on the design, goals, integrations, and personal preferences, we’ll deploy SUSE Manager, integrate and migrate where necessary. And we’ll show you how we do it, so you can keep building it yourself in the future. We’ll never leave you hanging. Before and after deployment, we can do workshops where more knowledge is needed.

SUSE Rancher Managed Services Adfinis

 Run: Managed Services

Chances are that you not only have SUSE systems running, but you want to unlock all the ease and flexibility that SUSE Manager has to offer. Since we are agnostic too, we can help you, regardless of how your ecosystem is built up.

Do you want to stay Agile with SUSE Manager?

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