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Introducing DevSecOps with Adfinis Professional Services for SUSE NeuVector

Don’t let security disrupt your agile development processes with SUSE NeuVector. We’ll help you implement, integrate, and stay safe. 

Keep your development dynamic and secure with SUSE NeuVector

You’ve chosen Rancher Prime, or any other major Kubernetes solution, to orchestrate your containers. You want to manage your clusters easily and centrally. But how do you keep the process dynamic and secure at the same time? How do you keep your vulnerabilities at a minimum? And how do you comply with the security and privacy rules that apply to your data and processes, like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and NIST? We’re here to help! We’ll implement, integrate with Rancher Prime, container registries, and Kubernetes distribution solutions, and optimize SUSE NeuVector for you. 

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Are you ready to unlock the potential of SUSE NueVector?

Why we are the partner you are looking for


You want a partner who understands the importance of DevSecOps

Every day your organization is confronted with threats and vulnerabilities. We understand. But we also understand the importance of keeping your processes dynamic. With DevSecOps, you’ll be safe while staying agile.  


You want a partner who understands SUSE NeuVector

SUSE NeuVector is a full-stack security solution that offers vulnerability management, compliance, and supply chain security, amongst other things. We can help you select the needed features, and skillfully implement and integrate them. 


 You want a partner who knows everything about Rancher Prime

SUSE NeuVector provides additional security features to your container and container management platform like Rancher Prime. We’ll help you with both solutions, creating a seamless experience for DevSecOps.

Why choose SUSE NeuVector?

Traditionally, you took your time to get from development to operation to ensure everything worked and was safe. But since IT is now a business partner, you need speed and agility in your development, and security sometimes gets in the way. However, with SUSE NeuVector, security becomes part of the development cycle since code is automatically tested on vulnerabilities. The solution offers: 

  • Vulnerability management
  • Compliance
  • Runtime Security
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Network Visibility
  • Container Scanning
  • Network Segmentation
  • Web Application Firewall

SUSE NeuVector particularly makes sense in combination with Rancher Prime: with NeuVector, you’ll quickly secure the container clusters you manage with Rancher Prime.

Services we offer

To offer you the right services, we need to know your specific challenges and wishes. But we can help you with:

SUSE_Rancher talk to us Adfinis

Check-in: Talk to us

Since everyone has a different starting point on their road to a secure company, we’ll come in and talk to you about where you stand and what you need to decrease your risk. We’ll decide together whether SUSE NeuVector can help you optimize your security efforts. 


Plan: Security Discovery Workshop

Techie to techie, we’ll dive deep into your Kubernetes practices and DevSecOps, and do a health check on your current security efforts. We’ll assess what policies you have in place, what regulations you need to meet, and how we can improve your security with SUSE NeuVector. This workshop is the start of any successful rollout of DevSecOps. 

SUSE Rancher Vertical Prototype Adfinis

Build: Vertical Prototype

We’ll set up a prototype so you can experience how SUSE NeuVector works and how it integrates seamlessly with Rancher Prime. At the same time, we’ll demonstrate the product and share everything we know about SUSE NeuVector and a solid DevSecOps practice.

Building SUSE Rancher

Build: building and getting SUSE NeuVector ready for use

We build the solution based on the design, goals, integrations, and personal preferences. We’ll help with implementation, security, compliance, automation, and integrations with, for example, Rancher and identity access management tools. And we’ll show you how we do it, so you can keep building it yourself in the future.

SUSE Rancher Managed Services Adfinis

Run: Managed Services

We’ll never leave you with a black box, but we’ll adjust our services based on your needs. For example, we can help you onboard users and tell them everything we know. We’ll deliver helpdesk services for your users and cover first- to third-level support. And we can even manage the whole solution for you as part of our Managed Services. 

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