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Adfinis opens a branch in Germany

2. August 2023

​​Michael Moser, Ralf Scharly and Sascha Zimmer


Starting in August 2023, Swiss open source provider Adfinis will open a location in Germany and take
over Erik Sterck’s DevOps team.

Adfinis, a leading Swiss IT service provider for Open Source solutions, is opening a new office in
Germany as Adfinis GmbH on August 1 to further strengthen its presence in the European
market. Under the leadership of Ralf Scharly, Sascha Zimmer and Michael Moser, Adfinis will
grow with this strategic expansion, particularly in the areas of DevSecOps, automation, digital
sovereignty and enterprise Linux workloads. Together with the acquired DevOps team, the
range of open source solutions with 24/7 services will be further expanded and the position as
one of the leading providers of Open Source services in Europe will be underlined.


Germany as Europe’s innovation engine

Germany offers an attractive market with many strong and internationally active companies and
has a high market potential for projects in the digital environment. In addition, the political will to
become more technologically independent and to grow in the areas of Open Source and digital
sovereignty is an important factor for Adfinis to continue investing in this market.


Our strategic objective is to provide our customers with a first class local service.Establishing a presence in Germany is a key step in achieving this. In addition, Germany offersa high density of talented engineers, which is another reason for us to take this step.

– Michael Moser, CGO Adfinis


Digital sovereignty is a very high priority in Germany in order to minimise dependence on
individual technology providers and, among other things, to guarantee information and data
protection in accordance with EU-wide specifications. In Germany, the federal, state and local
governments have decided to strengthen digital sovereignty in a joint policy paper. The creation of
alternatives, especially through European solutions and open source software, are key elements in
breaking dependencies.

Adfinis has been active in Switzerland for more than 20 years and, with offices in the Netherlands
and Australia, implements sustainable solutions without vendor lock-in, thus strengthening the
digital sovereignty of its customers. With the addition of its German office, Adfinis sets another
milestone in the promotion of independent and open software solutions and vendors.


Erik Sterck as a strong partner

As a renowned system house, Erik Sterck GmbH advises customers in the areas of data centres and
cloud computing. In order to drive the rapid growth of its customers in the area of digital
transformation projects, Erik Sterck was looking for a strong partner who is established in the
DevOps and Open Source environment, shares the same vision, radiates competence and trust,
and can realise the growth potential with existing structures. Erik Sterck found this partner in

I am looking forward to implementing the growth strategy of the German Adfinis office together with the Swiss team and I appreciate very much that Erik Sterck will remain strongly involved as a sales partner. In this way, we will be able to leverage synergies and existing customers will benefit in two ways, as they will be able to receive both existing and new services in the future.

– Ralf Scharly, Country Manager Adfinis DE


With the local team, Adfinis strengthens its competence in Germany and will continue to act as an
experienced and reliable partner in this market. Ralf Scharly and Sascha Zimmer will take over the
management of Adfinis Germany together with Michael Moser, CGO of Adfinis. The existing DevOps
employees of Erik Sterck will be transferred to Adfinis Germany and existing customers will be
served in close partnership.

As a leading Open Source service provider, Adfinis maintains close partnerships on a strategic level
with HashiCorp, SUSE, Red Hat and GitLab and underlines this with a large number of certified
employees, vendor awards, joint success stories and the highest partner status in each case. With
the growth of the German market, these partnerships will be further intensified. In the future, the
service portfolio will also be offered directly to German customers and further expanded.