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Adfinis Awarded GitLab Services Partner of the Year for EMEA

2. October 2023

Adfinis, a leading global IT service provider for Open Source solutions, is delighted to announce that it has been honored with the “GitLab Services Partner of the Year for EMEA” award.

Adfinis has been named GitLab’s EMEA Services Partner of the Year. This award underlines the excellent cooperation between GitLab and Adfinis, which has resulted in numerous successful joint customer projects, as well as Adfinis’ expertise and customer satisfaction as a service delivery specialist in the field of Developer Experience and DevSecOps.

GitLab’s unique capabilities have enabled Adfinis to provide customers with solutions that accelerate innovation in soware development and also make security reviews an integral part of the overall process. From project management capabilities through integrated CI/CD pipelines to world-class security and compliance features, GitLab helps Adfinis deliver exceptional value to its customers.

Adfinis, recognized for its prominent role in delivering Open Source solutions across diverse industries and numerous international markets, has firmly established itself as a key partner of GitLab. The company’s core values focus on advocating for open, sustainable and resilient IT solutions. The collaboration with GitLab has demonstrated significant synergies, in line with the common goal of providing innovative, reliable and open solutions to unleash the full potential of development teams. Receiving this prestigious award is further validation of the success of this partnership.

‘We appreciate the Adfinis partnership and are thrilled to collaborate on joint customer projects. Thanks to their broad Open Source experience and their team of certified GitLab professional service engineers, Adfinis has the necessary expertise to support our customers in planning, implementing, and operating GitLab to enhance their DevOps workflow.’

Melani Ross, Director of Professional Services at GitLab

Adfinis remains committed to its dedication to investing in GitLab, continually enhancing its professional services capabilities, and fostering a team of highly proficient DevSecOps engineers. The company aims to stay at the forefront of driving innovations within the GitLab ecosystem and the broader Open Source community. Working alongside GitLab, Adfinis expresses excitement about the endless possibilities as they explore new horizons to deliver exceptional value to their clients across the EMEA region.