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Are you ready to take the next step on your Red Hat Ansible Journey? We’re here to boost your practice and teach you everything we know. 

Bring on-premise automation to the next level with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Chances are, you’re familiar with Red Hat Ansible to automate your on-premise environment. Learning the language is easy, but have you considered how to frame your roles, how your written code is tested, and how you use version control for your audits? In other words, how do you elevate Ansible? We’re here to kickstart your on-premise automation by providing you with all the knowledge, best practices, and ready-made code. Are you ready to boost your Automation practice?


Are you ready to unlock the potential of Red Hat Ansible?

Why we are the partner you are looking for


You need a Red Hat Ansible expert

Ansible is easy to learn but challenging to master. Eventually, you’ll be managing the configuration of your entire infrastructure with Ansible, so you’ll need an expert showing you the ropes, telling you about best practices, and providing you with ready-made code.


You need an expert who understands the importance of testing

You’re not done when you’ve written your code. You’re done when your code is tested. We’ll show you how to use Molecule on GitLab or GitHub, how you properly test your code, and how you can benefit from version control for auditing.


You want a partner who is ready to share all there is to learn about Ansible

You have all the developers in-house to take on on-premise automation; you need the knowledge and best practices about Ansible to elevate your practice. We’ll teach you everything we know and only leave once everything is clear.

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
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Services we offer

We’ll define our services based on your specific needs. In our first session, we’ll get clear what you need and how we can help, but we can help you with the following:


Kickstart Red Hat Ansible

You’ve decided that Ansible is the way forward, but since Ansible works differently than your shell scripts, you need a partner to kickstart your on-premise automation. We’re here to help. We’ll provide you with all the knowledge we have and ready-made packages of code – and we’ll only leave once everything is clear and implemented.


Best Practice for Enablement

You’ve rolled out Ansible but you’re wondering how you can elevate your Ansible practice. We’ll show you what best practices are common, provide ready-made packages of code for these best practices, and show you how you can best test and version control your Ansible code. We’ll only leave once you’re fully enabled.


Best Practice for Testing Roles and Playbooks

Testing roles and playbooks are essential to ensure continuity in your automation. But how can you best test your code? And how can you use Molecule on GitHub or GitLab, as well as for version control? We’ll show you what best practices we’ve established and tell you exactly how you can verify the code you’ve developed.


Red Hat Ansible and HashiCorp Terraform

If you want to spin your cloud and on-premise architecture with HashiCorp Terraform, you can automate configuration with Ansible. We’ll provide all the best practices for using Ansible alongside Terraform. Want to know more about Terraform?

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